Uploading Custom Payload to a Configuration Profile…semi-noob needs help. Thanks in Advance...

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I'm not necessarily completely new to Casper; just having some issues with the mechanics of uploading a custom payload to a Configuration Profile.

Was wanting to disable "reopen windows at next login."

Found an example .plist on JAMF nation that does just what I want to do: disable "reopen windows on next login" for all AD users.

Copied the code to TextEdit.

Saved the file with the extension .mobileconfig

My Mac recognizes this file as a profile. If I double click it, it asks me if I want to install it. Furthermore, if I click "Show Profile," it gives me the exact key pair I want to manage. All good.

But when I try to upload it to the JSS, I get an error that says "file must be in .plist format." Uh. okay. It's XML. The documentation says upload xml data for custom payloads.

What gives? Here's a screenshot showing that the local Mac recognizes it as a custom profile. Why can't the JSS? What am I doing wrong? b256f32870634c3c89d1255c393323f0

I don't understand why you can't just copy the key pairs for the correct domain, etc. straight into the JSS. It's just text.


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For reference, here's the original thread I found on JAMF Nation discussing how to manage "reopen windows" https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=14101

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Try importing the plist linked here:


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If you're trying to add this preference to the "Custom Settings" payload of an existing profile, it should be saved as a .plist.

If you're trying to create a new profile that contains just this setting, try converting the plist to a Config Profile using mcxToProfile, and then upload it to the JSS.

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thanks for the help. uploading the plist file to the "custom" field of my configuration profile did the trick.