VPP Application keeps uninstalling

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Hi all,

Hoping someone might have some ideas on this.  We have a VPP application "Paprika Recipe Manager" that keeps uninstalling itself. When users go to open the application if they haven't opened it for a number of days it will still appear to be installed on the computer, but will report, the application cannot be opened.  

Deleting the application from the Applications folder and allowing Jamf to re-push the application via VPP reinstalls but can sometimes take a few days before it reinstalls, if at all.  

This happens on all OS's from Mojave up to Monterey. I have reached out to the software vendor and they have provided not support as they believe the problem to be with the VPP model.

Has anyone seen this?  Could I bypass VPP and install the app some other way?  Has anyone been successful with doing this with App Store apps?

I can't see any errors in the VPP logs in Jamf that indicate why this might be happening.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you might have.



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How are you distributing this app? User based VPP or device based? If it's user based this almost sounds like they have offload unused apps enabled, but that's just a thought.