VPP Device App Assignment

New Contributor

We are setup for VPP device app assignment and I'm trying to test it by assigning a free app to my device. We have the following setup:

  • App is already listed in Apps with Self Service distribution
  • App is scoped to a smart group with all student iPads
  • We have several VPP accounts setup in Casper (one for each school)

When I go to the App under the VPP tab, I am able to see the total content. I'm assuming I will have to change the distribution to "Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install" option. Then I'll have to scope my device. I have some questions before moving forward:

  • Since the app was only made available in SS, if I have to change the distribution how will the scoped devices be affected? The app is already installed on the devices.
  • The app is scoped to all student devices in all schools. How will VPP assignment work with different accounts for each school?
  • The VPP account selection is a drop-down menu so I am only able to select one. How do I assign VPP content to all devices using different VPP accounts?