Working on an update script

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Just messing around with creating a script with a co-worker. I've seen some previous scripts that when you run them it launches the systempreferences>Software Update. I'm not very good with scripting, so I'm having issues finding what command actually opens the update window. I'm using a modified version of the script here. We did modify it, but the final step where it shuts down never kicks off. Handling macOS Software Updates with Jamf Pro | Babo D's Corner (


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Hello @SMR1 

The idea behind this script is that it alerts the user that there are required OS updates that need to be installed. Rather than forcing updates to take place through the command line using “softwareupdate”, the user is encouraged to use the macOS GUI to update. When I say macOS GUI, I’m referring to the Software Update mechanism that Apple refers consumers to:

I recommend you to switch towards Nudge and you can find the same here

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open "" will open system preferences to the software update pane if that is what you are trying to accomplish.