additional selection options in smart device groups based on class membership

New Contributor III

We create smart device groups in order to be able to scope apps to students that are enrolled in specific classes. I'd like to be able to say that they're a member of a course, not just a specific class/section. (But I would like to still be able to select specific class/sections as some teachers want things scoped to their class but another teacher teaching the same course might not want the same things.)

Currently, under the "User member of class as student" or "User member of class as teacher", the only options are "one of the following" or "not one of the following", at which point I have to select specific class/sections. From year to year, the number of sections might change for courses, so I'd like to be able to specify the course number vs the full class information.

In ASM, there is a field called "Course number" which has the actual course number (in addition to the Course ID which has the course and section information.) Is it possible to import that course number into Jamf School and then let us filter based on that?

Another option would be to add a "course name contains" and/or "class number contains" (and then the opposite "course name does not contain" and/or "class number does not contain") options for the "user member of class as student" and "user member of class as teacher" field selections.

Thanks for your consideration. Having these options would make it easier for me (and I'm sure many other admins) to scope apps based on a class.