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I'm in very early days of Testing JamF School and I'm running into a slight problem that I hope is easily remedied.
I have an iPad that is Supervised and Enrolled into JAMF.

When I try an install a Free APP via JamF a prompt on the iPad pops up saying "install?" 
I appreciated having a VPP or linked through Apple School Manager would potentially get around this, however in my test environment this isn't viable.


Any help would be marvellous!

My concern is if we roll this out to several schools, they may not have VPP or Apple School Manager making the entire process extremely difficult if we have to be on site to click "Install" when we deploy apps.


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I won't be much help here in that I can't give you workaround. ASM must be setup and linked to an MDM(Jamf School or not) to silently install apps. If this ASMless setup makes it out of the testing phase and deployed in a school then it's going to be a potential management nightmare and will probably be hated by those in that school from the top to the bottom.

Are you an MSP or is your wording of schools mean individual buildings inside a district? Also how are you enrolling these iPads? User Initiated enrollment or are you using Apple Configurator?


We are an MSP for Education
We currently manage iPads with what seems every system on the market and I'm trying to homogenise that for the company.

The problem that I already know exists is nearly every school has devices that are not in ASM and we have no way of getting them into ASM. We've already tried with the school to get this sorted.

I'd say we're not limited in the way we en-roll them, I've currently be testing both User Initiated and Apple Config2 with both supervised and unsupervised. 

I know we use some other MDM's with devices that aren't in ASM and they can push out silently so interesting one.

I'm sure this post highlights that I'm checking every single possibility I know exactly what impact this would have with the current setup :D!
I appreciate your response.

Thanks Connor

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You can get those devices not purchased directly from Apple into ASM in order to use ADE(DEP) enrollment - See here. You of course need to touch every single iPad that needs this. 

They don't necessarily need to be in ASM to use VPP either. The app catalog in Jamf School just needs to originate from ASM/VPP though for true silent installs. I'm not sure what magic tricks those other MDM's are using, but it certainly sounds like a workaround to me and I'd rather in my opinion have something that will be in a students hands not be held together with chewing gum, duct tape and chicken wire.

Another thing to consider is that certain apps like Notability for instance have apps in ASM that are slightly different than those from the general public App Store.