Remove Cached Users, Especially on App Update

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At present if you have deployed Shared iPad, the memory space occupied by the cached shared users remains in use on device, any attempt to update the OS actually results in an out of memory issue.

At present the system does not report or handle this in a sensible way that follows the natural workflow. You can visit every device page and check the memory for each device but that is not efficient.

A couple of feature requests come out of this:
1) provide the amount of memory available on device in any OS Update page so you can see whether it is possible that this can't be installed because of memory issues
2) Intelligently remove cached users that have been written back to iCloud storage when an OS update is in play


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OK This does now exist. There's a menu in the Device List, Advanced > Clear Cache (shared iPads only).

Should have similar UI at the device level.

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When you are looking to clear the cache you might be doing this for a specific device. There is no button menu on the Device page to clear cache. It is only available from the top level of devices. The process is associated with looking at the Device > Shared Users page. This is when you want to clear the cache, after you realise how much space you could reclaim. However, there is no check box multiple selection to choose which user you want to delete. Also there is no date of how old the data is - you would want to be able to clear users that haven't used the device in a while.

So the feature requests would be

  • Clear cache button on the Shared Users Page
  • Checkbox multiple selection to choose which user caches are to be removed from the device
  • A date or duration visible
  • Sortable by date / duration
  • Log off button to short cut the process alongside the currently signed in user

Knowing how long a cache write would be useful but probably too many processes to consider to determine the duration.