Community Guidelines

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Jamf Nation was created to promote growth and success in the community that supports Apple in the enterprise. It’s a place to share ideas and information and learn from each other. We want Jamf Nation to be a community that is a welcoming, engaging, respectful and useful space for all. With that goal in mind, please remember the following Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) when posting in Jamf Nation. 


Getting Started

There is no obligation to post on Jamf Nation, and contributions are voluntary. If you want to post messages, comments, images, content and other materials ("User Content") on Jamf Nation, you will need to create an account. 

Do not use an inappropriate or misleading name, and don’t try to impersonate someone else with your username. Keep your account details secure and don’t share them with other users. 


Content Rules

Jamf Nation is meant to be an engaging and educational space. Before posting, ask yourself if your post contributes to that mission. Are you posting constructive feedback or questions? 


Here are some things to remember when posting in Jamf Nation: 

  • Search for issues, questions or feature requests similar to yours before you create a new post so you can avoid posting duplicative content
  • When commenting on a thread, stay on topic 
  • Post to help people, not argue
  • Post clear and honest information
  • Don’t solicit for a business or charity
  • Respect people’s privacy, including your own


Be respectful and don’t post User Content that contains any of the following:  

  • Racist, sexist or other discriminatory comments
  • Defamatory, obscene or offensive language, personal attacks, harassment, insults and other not-safe-for-work (NSFW) language
  • Spam, trolls, flames, taunts 
  • Links to illegal downloads or sites that promote illegal activities 
  • False information
  • Content owned by others, unless you have permission to use it
  • Sensitive, confidential or personal information, including screen shots showing company confidential information


Posting the above types of content could get your post, or you, removed from Jamf Nation. If we feel a comment or post detracts from our mission to keep Jamf Nation an engaging and helpful place, we’ll edit or remove it.

Reward community members by marking posts as an “Answer” when appropriate. Give credit to others if you are posting content authored by another member.


General Terms

Your activity on Jamf Nation is governed by these Guidelines as well as Jamf’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In addition, Jamf Nation Community Moderators may provide additional direction as needed to maintain a welcoming environment for members. 

Jamf employees may respond to questions. Every Jamf employee on Jamf Nation will have an employee rank next to their name for easy identification. Please note, while Jamfs may respond to questions, Jamf does not formally provide technical support through Jamf Nation.  If you need an immediate solution, please contact our Support team via Jamf Account. 

Please keep in mind that Jamf Nation contains member-generated content. While you’ll find good advice here, remember that your situation may differ from the individual who has posted. Use good judgement when considering the information and rely on it at your own risk. 


If you see bad behavior or something that you think violates these Guidelines, please tell us. You do not need to get involved; we will investigate.


We retain the right to edit or remove posts that violate these Guidelines or our Terms of Use. We also reserve the right to block users from accessing Jamf Nation for violations of these Guidelines and Terms of Use. 


Your Data
Depending on your location, you may have certain rights afforded to you regarding your personal information. We have enabled you to access, correct, and delete your personal data in the platform. Please visit My profile > My settings > Personal to view your personal information or close your account.  

Even after closing your Jamf Nation account, you may occasionally receive communication from Jamf.  If you would like to be removed from all Jamf marketing, please unsubscribe here.

If you have any other questions about your personal information, please visit our Privacy page or reach out to"



If you have questions about these Guidelines or the Jamf Nation Community, contact us at