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Announcing Jamf 100 Course 6.0

Jamf 100 was just updated to version 6.0! Learn more here about the updates below! The Jamf 100 Course is the first of many offerings to increase your knowledge of Jamf products. There are four sections in this course: Section 1: Device Fundamentals ...  View more

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Updates to Jamf’s Privacy Policy

Safeguarding personal information is a fundamental commitment to which we adhere at Jamf. Safeguarding isn’t just securing the data entrusted to us, but also maintaining compliance with various privacy laws and regulations. In our efforts to demonstr...  View more

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Accessibility Updates in Jamf Products

Hello from Jamf, The Product Design and Engineering teams have made great strides this past year to improve the accessibility of our products. Our goal is to achieve WCAG 2.2 AA compliance for our products by delivering improvements incrementally to ...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10 - Certification Validity FAQ

Hello Jamf Nation, Following the exciting news last week at JNUC of Jamf Pro 11 coming soon, we know many of you have questions as to what this means for your existing Jamf certifications and what our plans are moving forward for training courses and...  View more

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The Jammies Applications: Now Open

At the Jammies, Jamf's customer appreciation awards, we highlight and celebrate our customers who exemplify our Jamf values and demonstrate innovative use of our solutions. There are four awards: Fast Start, Innovative Thinker, Legacy Builder, and Ad...  View more

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Jamf Nation Design Update!

As you may have noticed, Jamf Nation Community updated our design! And while things may look and feel a bit different, the location of forums, resources, etc., has not changed. We hope you love these changes as much as we do. Your feedback, loyalty a...  View more

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Introducing the Jamf 170 Course

We’re excited to share the new endpoint security-focused Jamf 170 Course! The 170 is an introductory certification course focused on Jamf Protect, macOS security features, mobile device management, and best practices to keep your fleet safe. This cou...  View more

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Get to Know the Jamf Learning Hub

Are you loving the Jamf Learning Hub but would like to learn how to use its features and dive deeper into why this is an excellent resource for our product technical content? Well, look no further! This short video will show you how to use the basic ...  View more

Jamf Learning Hub Overview - YT Thumbnail - noText-01.jpg
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Introducing Tech Thoughts!

You asked, and we’re thrilled to deliver! Tech Thoughts, Jamf Nation’s own technical blog, is now live! Jamf’s Community team is so excited to offer this space for increased knowledge sharing and problem solving! Today we’re starting with two blogs: ...  View more

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Technical blog coming to Jamf Nation!

You read that right! Jamf’s Community team is thrilled to bring a technical blog, Tech Thoughts, to Jamf Nation on September 19th! Over the years, you’ve asked for more technical content and resources. You wanted a space to provide longer posts that ...  View more

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Join us for the Jammies Award 2022 Viewing Party!

An image with the Jamf logo and Jammies 22 badge As Jamf Nation community members, you all do so many fantastic things! And that is why we can't wait to celebrate you during the 2022 Jammies Award ceremony! You, alongside our Jamf Community team memb...  View more

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We want to hear from you!

At Jamf, as we build our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program, we want to ensure business and industry priorities align with our stakeholders. So we created this short four-question survey below for you to fill out and help us do bette...  View more

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Notice and Updates to Jamf’s Privacy Policy

At Jamf, we want to ensure you have the tools you need to meet your regulatory requirements relating to Privacy. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the appointment of our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) and it includes the DPO’s contact info...  View more

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We want your input!

As we build our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program, Jamf wants to ensure business and industry priorities align with those of our stakeholders. Please take this short four-question survey below and help us do better. For customers, pl...  View more

Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 12.02.28 PM.png
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2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

We wanted to take a moment to highlight the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Jamf Summary blog post for our Jamf Nation Community. For 15 years, Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report has dug into multiple industry verticals, provi...  View more

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Most Creative Use of Jamf Award 2022

Hello Jamf Nation! We have some big news to share. The Most Creative Use of Jamf, Jammie Award is back! And we want you to enter your submissions by June 24th for consideration for this year's award. Have you used Jamf creatively to solve your organi...  View more

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Jamf Nation Update

You may have noticed a few changes in Jamf Nation today. Per your request, we made it even easier to navigate to Jamf Account and the Feature Request portal! You can now access these areas in the profile menu. We hope this will get you to those links...  View more

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Support Services Update

Hi, Jamf Nation! Many of you wear multiple hats and are the glue that holds the technical processes together in your environments. That’s why when something goes wrong, you need us, your Jamf Support team, to be by your side. Today we’re excited to s...  View more

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Update on Jamf Support Services

Hi, Jamf Nation! Good news…you will soon see an enhancement to your support experience with Jamf! In an effort to always improve, we’re launching a new Jamf support portal through Jamf Account. You’ll access it with your Jamf ID. And nope, there won’...  View more

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Customer Subprocessor Notice

At Jamf, we want to ensure you have the tools you need to meet your regulatory requirements relating to Privacy. We’ve updated our Data Processing Agreement for Customers (“DPA”) to reflect the latest set of standard contractual clauses applicable to...  View more

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Request Certification Badges

As we migrated to the new Jamf Nation Community, you may have experienced a change in the badges associated with your profile. Please enter your information on this form to have your badges reassigned to your profile. Note: We do check our internal r...  View more

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The Jammies - JNUC Community Awards Nominations

Update: Thank you for all of your wonderful responses, Jamf Community Award Nomination. This year's nominations are now closed. Please check back next year to nominate yourself or your fellow community member. Hello Jamf customers!The Community Team ...  View more

Most Creative Use of Jamf award nominations now open!.png
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In 2018, a dog lover Emily, like most Jamfs, suggested we create the URL and feature Jamf dogs. And while our team tried very hard - no joke, we had meetings about it - we could not post the feature request data to our new platform. Howe...  View more

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 5.25.14 PM.png
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