Community Engagement Sessions

Release Candidate Programs Tester

I'm looking forward to the sessions from our Community Engagement Team; Jeni, Lysette, Kaelie, and Calley!  New to Jamf Nation? Never heard of Jamf Heroes? What are the Jammies? The answers to these questions and more will be covered in their can't miss sessions. 

Kimberly Trojanowski

Contributor II

Good one. Please refer this


Long Story Short you will get ample opportunity to learn different Clients use case, challenges and how they remediate to come up from challenges.

You will get to know Jamf New products/tools features and enhancements in details with wonderful examples.

You can interact with Jamf Partner vendors.

Also last year Microsoft experts cover for Jamf and Intune Integration success and challenges.

You will learn about Jamf Marketplace awareness and beauty to integrate thirdparty jamf marketplace tools with Jamf.

You will learn about Best Practises and many more. 

Hope it will help you!! Good Luck and for sure you will love JNUC.

Sagar Rastogi