[Feature Request] Re-implement old Password Change UI and Workflow for Okta IDP

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In the early days of Jamf Connect, back when the software was known as Nomad Pro, the Change Password workflow was simple and to the point.  When a user selected the Change Password option, the entire process was presented to the user with local UI elements while the heavy lifting (ie. sending a password change request via API to Okta) took place in the background. Then, the local account password could be easily updated with an equally simple process.  



The simplicity of the above method meant that end user's never had to traverse through Okta's end user portal, which is obtuse and confusing, to change their password. As of JamfConnect 2.8.x, the Change Password workflow simply logs the user into their Okta profile using an absurdly tiny webview. 


The removal of Change Password functionality during the Nomad Pro to JamfConnect transition needs to be revisited. The JamfConnect Change Password process is far more convoluted and far less useful than it once was. We licensed NomadPro/JamfConnect for the simplicity the app provided. But if we can no longer simplify the password change process then there's one less justification to pay for JamfConnect.   As it stands right now, pointing end users to a confluence page that explains "How to change your password in Okta"  is just as effective and JamfConnect's Password Change process.


For reference, the Password Change workflow for Kerberos Realms has many of the simple elements that need to be brought back to JamfConnect for Okta-based accounts. 


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@rob_hernandez Thank you for the feedback! Please submit your feature request here😀