Jamf Connect Password Sync with Google

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I have a goal this quarter to deploy Jamf Connect. Things are looking great and working. However, I have one big questions that I'm just not sure about.

If we don't use the menu bar (which we don't because we're not on the right Google Workspace edition, and therefore it cannot be configured). Will the local password still sync with the Google Password if it's changed? I'm testing this and while I can log in with my new Google Password, I'm then prompted for the old local password, I thought maybe it would update, but so far, it still asks to verify with the old password.

Does it eventually reconcile so the local password is updated to be the new Google Password or is this what the menu bar is for? 



No, without a Google Workspace tenant that supports LDAP, Jamf Connect cannot help you with local password sync.

The password sync workflow that you’d follow looks something like:

  1. End user receives notification password is about to expire (this comes from a check-in that Jamf Connect menu bar app does with Google).
  2. End users chooses Jamf Connect menu bar > Change Password. A window opens and displays Google’s web-based change password page.
  3. The end user changes their password in Google and then closes the window.
  4. As soon as the window closes, Jamf Connect menu bar app guides the end user to update their local password.

Google does offer a 14-day trial of Google Workspace. You couldn’t use your own domain, but that’s not really required to test and view the workflow. You’d just use the made-up domain they give you and test as if it were real.

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Wait, so the end user still has to manually update their password anyway? It just gives instructions on how to do that? If that's the case, it makes me a lot less angry, but still seems silly that it has to be done manually. There's little to no chance of my company upgrading all the way to Business Plus, so maybe just teaching the end user how to change their password is the way to go if the password isn't actually synced by Jamf Connect.