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Hello everyone, I am new in Jamf and before asking for the free trial I would like to make some questions here with the hope someone will help. I will work soon in a company where 70% of the users have an Apple laptop and the 30% Windows 10. The company is new and currently, they didn’t implement an MDM solution like Intune, AD or AAD to manage user account and device. I would like to understand if using Jamf as an Apple MDM solution could allow me to manage user account such as creating a user account and pushing it remotely to the machine. Please, any help and advice will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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You can create user accounts using Jamf Pro. There is a user account creation payload built into Jamf Pro that you can use to create a policy for creating accounts on Macs. You should look into Jamf Connect. It can link users' existing Azure, Okta, etc. account to their local login account on the Mac and enable you to control who has admin rights to the Mac. You should also get setup with Apple Business Manager so that all newly purchased Macs can be auto-enrolled into Jamf Pro. If your existing Mac fleet has Macs with the T2 chip in them, these Macs can be added to Apple Business Manager as well. Jamf Pro has huge potential. What you can do with it is only limited by your own imagination. I encourage you to ask lots of questions. Find a user group to join too, and ask lots of questions in the group. We're all happy to answer questions and provide help when you need it. Jamf Nation is the best place to get help when you need it and Jamf support is so awesome we need a new word for awesome. My number one rule with Jamf Pro is that when I come up with something new, I test it, test it again, and then test it yet again before deploying the new idea onto production systems. Test test test and test again!