First time at JNUC


Hello folks. this is my first time at jnuc. what tips can you give me for participating and what should I not miss under any circumstances.


New Contributor III

It will be my first time attending JNUC or any conference. From what I understand there are Q and A sessions, various Happy Hours by sponsors, JoinUps including Karaoke, and a final party. Mainly though my excitement is being in the same room as Mac/Jamf enthusiast amateur's and expert alike. It is intimidating but exciting. How to make the best of this opportunity is definitely on my mind.

That being said, as somewhat of a shyer person, I am nervous for a first experience. 

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Tips?  If you see my posts about this topic, I'm going to sound like a broken record... Network.  Meet new people, sit down at a table with a group you don't know (if the seat is free of course) when you eat.  Beyond that, as @curran mentioned, the sponsor parties are a lot of fun and are worth attending.  Swing by some of the Brain Dates (especially if there's one from a session you attended) and pick up some additional knowledge.  Sometimes the questions that come up are things you might not have considered, and contain useful information.  The JoinUps are fun also.  The closing party, Wednesday evening, is a must as well, at least if it's your first time attending.  It always worthwhile to interact with the vendors in the exhibition hall (I'm sure I'm misnaming it, but oh well, the point still stands regardless of the name).  I've made some good connections with the staff working the booths, met some nice people. 

As to San Diego... I've got nothing.  First time in San Diego myself.