ADCS connector Deploy script not generating certs

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Hey guys,

I actually fixed this issue thanks to Jamf's support, but I wanted to make a post in case anyone else out there Googles the issue I had.

I was attempting to install the AD CS Connector on a brand new server (Windows 2022). When running the Deploy script downloaded from the Jamf website, it would go through the script and finish with no errors, but it would not generate the two certs it was supposed to. The last line produced in Powershell was "Adding Windows Firewall rule to allow inbound TCP traffic", then the script ended

After talking with Jamf support, it seems that the AD CS Connector version 1.1 has some settings turned off that are need to be on if it's your first installation. What I did was right click the deploy.ps1 script -> Edit, which opened it in PS ISE, then changed the Parameters listed in the first bunch of lines to this:

param (
    [switch]$help = $false,
    [string]$archivePath = ".\",
    [string]$installPath = "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\adcsproxy",
    [string]$hostPath = "",
    [int]$bindPort = 443,
    [switch]$installIIS = $true,
    [switch]$cleanInstall = $false,
    [string]$appPool = "AdcsProxyPool",
    [string]$siteName = "AdcsProxy",
    [switch]$configureHttps = $true,

Then pressed Save, and ran the PS script again like I did originally and it produced the certs.


Notably, this changes $configureHttps from $false to $true. I'm not sure if that's the only change you need, but hey it worked for me


I'm not sure if the expectation is that you start with the AD CS Connector version 1.0.0, then upgrade to 1.1 (supposedly the version 1.0.0 has the above changes already), or if it was just an oversight