Computer Setup

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This is just a curiosity post, I’m just wondering how people setup their computers after enrollment. What we do currently is enroll through a prestage and then login as our admin and run two Self Service policies that install everything that is needed. It runs fine but is a bit of a bottleneck. I’m curious what other people do to setup their machines. 


Our policies do the following:

Installs our filter utility agent

Sets the network/time zone

Pops up a computer rename script

Installs DyKnow (computer monitoring software)

Installs Chrome

Then the second policy:

Bind the computer to our Active Directory

Installs the filter


This seems a bit rudimentary but I’m still kind of new to this so hearing other peoples processes might help me make mine a little easier for our other techs. 


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we deploy one configuration profile and after that, we install our standard software with a policy (depnotify) and the "standard install script" from jamf. 

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 installs office, Antivirus, and compliance software immediately on enrollment, rename/bind and my smart groups split it off to staff or labs  (classroom) groups by name and continue software installations/configurations based on that. Then one off software have there own static groups that we assign on request.  It can take some time to 100% (especially in the classroom were we have about 40 GB of install happening) but has not really been an issue. 

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Use DEPNotify to run your installers, no need for any admin to log in after remote management setup