Contracting Information about Mysql version required by JSS

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Looking at the release notes is get the following information about the mysql version required by a given JSS version:

JSS Min Rec
10.34 5.7.13 5.7.13 / 8.0 *
10.35 5.7.13 5.7.13 / 8.0
10.36 5.7.36 5.7.36 / 8.0.27
10.37 5.7.36 5.7.36 / 8.0.28

* Min was 5.7.8 initially, changed on Dec 16th 2021 to 5.7.13

According to this I must update mysql to 5.7.37 before updating to JSS 10.36 or 10.37.

But according to there is no need to update mysql if I already use 5.7.13.

So which information is correct? Do I have to update mysql to 5.7.36, or can I continue with 5.7.13 or higher?

When we urgent need to update the JSS due to some vulnerability like CVE-2022-22965 it would be good to have reliable information about the System Requirements and potential incremental update steps.



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@mschroder , my suggestion would be that you go by the System Requirements on the version Release Notes that you are planning on upgrading to.