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Hello, would you like to work in the place were the 'the web was born' or the Higgs was discovered, and organise Mac and iOS infrastructure and Support ? Then you should have a look at
Looking at the release notes is get the following information about the mysql version required by a given JSS version:JSS Min Rec10.34 5.7.13 5.7.13 / 8.0 *10.35 5.7.13 5.7.13 / 8.010.36 5.7.36 5.7.36 / 8.0.2710.37 5.7.36 5.7.36 / 8.0.28* Min was 5.7...
Why is it so difficult to find relevant information about the impact of Spring4shell (CVE-2022-22965), hidden in some obscure places on Jamf Nation? I think a thread like s...
I don't succeed to get the correct Supervision Indentity into Apple Configurator 2, and that makes resurrecting some of my iPads quite difficult. I believe I have created the proper SI, use it for the device enrollment and imported it to my Apple Con...
Dear experts, I'm struggling again with the permissions needed for an account that can use the API - seems the documentation in that area is somewhat incomplete. The account shall be able to create or upload computergroups. I have already tried plent...