Creating a Smart Group based on list of serial numbers using the API

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I'm looking for a way to create a Smart Group in Jamf based on a large list of serial numbers via the API. For example, when I have a large amount of end of lease iPads to decommission, I'd like to be able to quickly create a Smart Group containing those serials using the API, rather than creating a Smart Group via the GUI and manually inputting a massive list of serials.


I've seen some helpful posts explaining how to create a smart group via the API, just checking if someone has achieved something similar before I look into this further.




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Maybe I am not understanding, but why do you need a Smart Group? How about a Static group. If you can use a Static group, you can use MUT to upload assign the devices by serial number. 

jamf/mut (

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Thanks for the reply! I've just tested this process and it worked perfectly for what I needed.