Dockutil/Custom Dock

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Good morning,

I am having trouble deploying the custom dock, I am able to get it work in my test environment (vm), my work computer and another's tech computer. When we run the policy from self service on either three of the machines it works, however, when we run it on a new machine during enrollment nothing happens. We have tried using self service to run it but we get the same error. The logs show that it went through but none of the icons are removed.


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As far as I know, check if the Auto MDM Enrollment with Microsoft Entra Token Group Policy Object (GPO) is applied to the devices. If so, you might get a warning message that says “Windows failed to apply the MDM Policy settings” when you run the gpupdate /force command. This is because the devices try to enroll in MDM again when the policy is updated. You can safely ignore this warning message, as it does not affect the policy deployment.