How to set a cert to be trusted?

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We have to push a new certificate out to our config profile. We are able to push it out and it gets installed correctly as we can see it in our Keychain Access.  The issue is we want it to be trusted always.  How do we set that in our Config Profile to be set to trusted.  Just a quick warning, I am not great at command line statements, so the simplest and easiest is best.  Thanks


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To be trusted, the computer needs to have an intermediate certificates that link back to the root CA. 

What kind of certificate is it?


So i am having the same problem. I can push the certificate (and root cert, and intermediate cert) and they are on my device (in this case an appletv). But still the user is prompted to "trust" the certificate when i am connecting to wireless. How the heck do i make it trusted? there is no setting i can see in the certificate area of config profiles.

Im going to do some more research. These are valid 3rd party certificates from THAWTE. Digicert is the global root. Of course these should be trusted out of the box, but at least if i pushed all the certs one would think that it would work and not prompt for trusting every time!!!!

It also re prompts you again to trust if you forget network and re add it. So its really not remembering the trust you told it to do in any sense.