install an application with peripheral license in a computer lab with Jamf Pro

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is there a way to install an application and activate the license on a class of computers with jamf pro ?




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Could you provide the name of the software? In general there are two ways I've used to activate products distributed via jamf.

1. Use composer to capture the changes after you activate the software on your device. Usually this'll generate an activation related file somewhere that you can just copy to the rest of your devices using a .pkg

2. Use a script or files and processes execute command payload to use a command to activate your product. For example I use this method to activate SMART Notebook, deploy the app via .pkg and then run a script with the activation key to activate the software after it's installed.

for lack of time, I have not yet tried the proposed solution.
for the software I want to deploy, it is the antidote corrector from the Druide company.
do you have an example activation script
thank you for all

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I couldn't find anything about multi-user activation for Mac for Antidote from Duride. Seems to be account based for Mac although it looks like there is a multi user activation guide for windows? You're probably best off contacting their customer support and seeing if they have and can give you an enterprise activation method/script for MacOS.