Jamf 10.36.1 - Script Editor View - Missing 'Shell' and 'Material' options

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Call me old fashioned but WHY have Jamf decided to change the in-browser script editor in 10.36.1?

My instance has just been updated and i'm dismayed the old view options have been replaced with quite frankly useless 'Default', 'Monokai' and 'Ruby Blue'.

Bring back the old view options for 'Shell' 'Python' and 'Perl' options (currently STILL in Extension Attributes script view) as soon as possible. 

I don't usually post about Jamf as they typically get things right, but this is a disaster and will affect the usability of the product.

I am NOT happy.


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Also the current view only lets me see 14 lines of code, please put it back to how it was!

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Edit: Posted to wrong thread, please ignore.