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Hi Everyone,


I am planning to implement JAMF-LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution).

I have a look of this 


I just want to gather everyone feedback on this one.

Also, I would like to seek help if anyone has implemented this before and can guide me on how to implement this approach using Jamf Pro cloud?


Thank you,


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You may want to read the Tech Thoughts article written by Bill Smith:

How to Securely Manage Local Admin Passwords with Jamf Pro and LAPS 

He outlines everything you need to know about it. The one big takeaway on it is that this can only work with Macs enrolled via ADE/DEP and the local admin account being created during the Prestage Enrollment. If the admin account is created in any other way, you cannot apply LAPS policy to it. It has to be what's known as a managed local admin account.

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Thank you mm2270. I read that article.

However, sadly most of our macbook devices are enrolled by user initiated enrollment so that solution will not apply to us.