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So I have setup Nudge with Jamf and using the JSON shema, which is easy to setup settings etc with the pre-defined settings.

But when it comes to editing the text in the json, the changes I make in the json schema is not listed in the GUI on any device. I have tried to edit all fields possible in the "updateElements" section, but no changes takes effect. 

Any one succeeded with that ?



So it just stays the same default view all the time




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Hey there @Captainamerica , over in the MacAdmins group in Slack, there is a Nudge channel where loads and loads of information is discussed.  I suggest trying to head over there if you can and reading through the problems other folks have had and how they've resolved them.  

I also use Nudge and love it.  I created my own little how-to document and after reviewing some of the presentations on it available out there on the webs, I kept this as a reference so I'd know what element to edit for whatever I was attempting to say:


Does this help at all? 

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Hey there! 

Make sure you are setting your language to "en" or else you will not see changes. Check out the wiki and the first line here:




Hope that helps! Also, +1 to the suggestion for joining the slack! Lots of good info over there!