Uninstall LanSchool Classic in Monterey and above

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Does anyone know how to uninstall LanSchool Classic programmatically?  There used to be an /uninstall command that I could send in a one-line script to uninstall in older versions on Catalina (possibly Big Sur).  The file path I guess has changed and it no longer works.


I have tried taking the Uninstall.app provided in the original DMG, pulling it out, and placing it in the Shared user's folder to try and run that uninstaller.  The documentation all points to manually uninstalling it this way, but it fails to run due to Apple's Gatekeeper not being able to "check it for malicious software".


I want to automatically uninstall (with a JAMF Policy) if the computer is no longer in the "Students" Smart Group.


Thank you in advance.

Dave W.


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You can try to use xattr to whitelist the binary so gatekeeper will let it run. If you are wanting to cleanly remove the app to get rid of it and xattr is not viable you may need to disable gatekeeper. 


Both of those are the wrong way of going about this though. The correct way is to reach out to the vendor and get a valid uninstaller with proper notarization. 

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Would deleting it through a terminal command executed through policy work? 



sudo rm -rf /Applications/Install\ macOS\ LanSchool\ Classic.app