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Does anyone have a working Extension Attribute to read if the Root account is enabled? The one I was using does not appear to work anymore, and none of the commands I am seeing on the internet are working either. This is what I was using. #!/bin/bash...
As the subject says. Working on redirecting the logs for a user account generating event to SIEM.
I recently had to configure Zscaler for my environment and I figured I would share incase it helps anyone.Prior to 3.9 Zscaler was configured with a script, the JAMF documentation is eh and the got the script they provide from someones GitHub repo.[G...
I am being tasked with sorting out a solution for macOS SysLog redirection. Security is wanting/needing macOS user Authentication logs among other logs. Most of the tools I am seeing died when Apple updated to Universal Logging. I'm working with our ...
I finally ran across the 1st application we use that needs a separate installer for ARM64 and x64 platforms that we used Patch Management for. Here we are 3 years in to Apple Silicon, and JAMF still does not have a solution for this. The best JAMF ha...
Originally from LA, now living around Birmingham Alabama. I have been an admin since the early 2000's and in the mid 2010's shifted to managing macOS.