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We are trying to install Unity Hub to an iMac Lab that has standard users. We created the Unity Package using Composer and created a Policy in Jamf Pro. When anyone launches the app we get the below message attachment.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 11.57.57 AM.png

I realize there are a few post opened for this but we can not seem to grant the correct rights to bypass this message.

We have tried the following:

Created the app with rights to Applications set to Owner: Root Group: Admin

Set Permissions to Apply to Owner and Group to Applications and All Enclosed Items

Created the app with rights to Applications set to Owner: Root Group: Wheel

Tried changing rights to Application/Unity/Hub/Editor  Get Info - Sharing & Permissions changed from Read to Read/Write.

We also tried using a Patch Management to update from 3.6.0 to 3.6.0 (which has not run yet). Has anyone had success in installing Unity Hub to a standard Mac user without continuously being prompted with helper?




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that is more then likely just a one time thing. Annoying. Doubt this can be bypassed using the method's that you describe.; as it is more than likely trying to install a launch agent or launch daemon, which does require one time admin rights. You could try the following; have composer set in the background to watch for changes; then perform the install run the app, authenticate, and then tell composer to create the package; this should catch the help tool and the app, and may bypass the issue, given the right permissions.


Otherwise, you may be able to get the iMacs, sitting at the prompt and then use osascript -e to keystroke in the needed info and carriage return as the user; never tried that myself, but may work if ran as the $currentuswer. hope that helps.


You can find the help file in


and try to package it.

I have done this before, some apps worked, some didn't. Worth a try.

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I have a script that downloads and install unity hub. You just have to supply it the version number as parameter 4. This is more robust and easier to support than repackaging every time an update comes out.