Disable a user from disable an app installed through Jamf Now?

New Contributor

I've managed to get Cisco Secure Endpoint and Umbrella deployed through Jamf Now but I need to make it so that the end user can't disable it. I also need to make the install seamless, so that when the application is installed, the user doesn't need to do anything like allowing the extensions or give it full disk access. I tried to make a custom profile thru iMazing Profile Editor but can't find the settings to allow something like this. Does anyone have ideas/experience with something like this?


Honored Contributor

I suggest reaching out to Cisco to have them provide the .mobileconfigs you need. Something like iMazing is good for basic work, but when you get to enterprise apps you either need to build the xml manually yourself or have the vendors provide the .mobileconfig to you. Once you have the mobile config you should be able to just drag and drop in to JAMF Now.