Scope: Target computers vs target users

New Contributor II

We really started getting issue since after upgrading JAMF, because when this new scope introduced in casper suite, this is fist time I had major outbreak with recent testing.

I have payload, that I wanted to apply for specific computers and the respective users those who login to target computers, which I specific them in target computers; usually i do this and until last week I did not face issues and in last 2 days, we noticed a outbreak that keeps scope to specific computers as target computer and selecting all user under target users, which pushed the payload to all users irrespective of specific computers (what is set to MacOS 10.13.3). This ways it got applied the payload for all users having latest os oldest macos version, instead of just for MacOS 10.13.3.

There should be some president in applying to the scope by; All computers with specific users or leaving blank - should get apply only to specific user profile on all computer in scope OR For all user profile in specific computers target in scope OR to specific computers, where all users who login on to that specific computers!

Does any one faced such issues with Scope choice on target computer and target users??
OR how many of you handing this situation in your environment?