10.11x and NFS delete permissions not working

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It is more than likely well documented either here or across the web, that using OS X with SMB and NetApp has speed / stability issues, etc. We were one of the first to test this and bring it to both Apple and NetApp engineering. Apple says they support jumbo frames and not pipe-lining and NetApp says they do just the opposite, and NetApp says jumbo frame support will come in a future filer OS, but not until sometime in 2017.

So, we went with using NFS. Works great once you implement the extend schema in AD (to store a users UID and GUID).

So intstead of a 15 GB file taking 30 minutes to copy via SMB 3, using NFS it takes 3-4 minutes, as it should.

Looks like in 10.11 Apple may have stepped on how OS X handles ACL permissions with NFS.

I have some users who can no longer delete files / folders from their NFS mounted volumes, when nothing has changed on the volume permissions side. The only thing that changed is having these users go from 10.10.5 to 10.11x. I have tested this and this behavior does not occur on 10.10.5, only 10.11x (currently 10.11.3).

If one mounts the same volume via SMB (which NetApp allows one to do, a kind of nifty feature), the user can delete files and folders. So it seems like this is "delete" permissions issues with OS 10.11 and mounted NFS volumes. Anybody seeing anything similar.

Looks like I will log a bug in Apple's Radar.