13.6.2 Ventura


Afternoon All


How is everyone handling the recent 13.6.2 update seems its not for everything

NOTE: The Ventura 13.6.2 update is not a unified build & only for specific models
13.6.2 (22G2321)
MBP M3 14"
iMac M3 2
iMac M3 4

13.6.2 (22G320)
MBP M2 Max 14"
MBP M2 Max 16"
MBP M2 Pro 14"
MBP M2 Pro 16"
MBP M1 Pro 16"
MBP M1 Max 16"
MBP M1 Pro 14"
MBP M1 Max 14"


I assume a smart group would be best approach not sure whats the best way to capture all devices affected.
or is the old software updated workflow able to handle this.





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I'm seeing the same thing with Ventura and Sonoma too. I use Patch Management just to report the number of Macs on each version of the OS and it is only reporting for very specific build numbers. I know for a fact I have at least a dozen Macs updated to 13.6.2 and 14.1.1(and inventory collected and reflected in the computer records)  but Jamf doesn't even report those version numbers at all because the builds don't match to what specifically it is looking for. 

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... and like magic it suddenly seemed to fix itself.


like you Im sure I have some macs that have updated to 13.6.2 but jamf hasnt seem them if there out there. its picking up all my 14.1.1.

Are 13.6.2 showing in your ventura patch status still thinks 13.6.1 is latest for me perhaps it will fix itself overnight

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As of 11:40am EST here is what our jamfcloud instance says

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 11.40.25 AM.png

I want to see all Silicon models, that are affected by this issue, i.e. not at 13.6.2.

Can someone clarify the exact smartgroup criteria here please?


For my screenshot above, I'm not using a smart group. I'm just using the built-in Patch Management report (without actually defining any patch policies. Just add a new patch item and look for "Apple" and you'll see the ones you need to add.

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Anyone else having trouble updating 2019-Intel Macs to Ventura 13.6.2? Models from 2020 onwards don't seem to have any problem with this update, but neither of the two builds appear available in either native software update or by using a third-party software like Mist (shows device not compatible).

Sonoma 14.1.1 is available though for those models.

13.6.2 is ONLY for 2021 and later MacBook Pros and 2023 M3 iMac. All other models will only update to 13.6.1, including all Intel Macs and any other Apple Silicon Mac, such as the Air, Studio, iMac, and Mini.

Wow. Thanks for the quick reply. 

It's funny that Ventura 13.6.2 is not compatible with 2019-Intel Macs, but Sonoma 14.1.1 is.

I hope there is a new Ventura release for this hardware, otherwise I'd be forced to update those devices to 14.X to keep them with the newest security patches :/

It's a real mess and a pain. I've never seen Apple release a version of an update just for specific models like this. 

The reason it's only for these specific models is that the update is supposed to fix a bug with ProMotion Display settings, so only models that support ProMotion can get this update.


What smart groups criteria are people using to hunt out these machines as its quite a number of models affected.

This is the smart group I have set up. We don't have any 2023 M3 iMacs so I didn't try to include them.


that really helpfull thanks agreed its an odd situation how its been released