2 MDM's what to do with VPP in ASM?

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Hi All

Have a question, currenlty have Jamf but also have intune after we inherited another site. Want to keep them on Intune for time being and they are in our portal but how do I link them to our VPP without messing up Jamfs one at the same time?


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Create a new location in ABM, download the token for the new location, and upload the new token to Intune. Now in ABM, you will need to either buy new licenses for your Apps (which is fine if they are free) or transfer licenses between your existing location and your new location.

Check out this pages from the ABM help pages:
Configure Locations
Transfer License

Definitely don't try and upload a token from the same location to two different MDM servers. Bad things can happen.

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I can't see the download button for the token?

Edit: found it > settings > apps and books