802.1x - Expected behavior ?

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So I have a network payload that setup the 802.1x wifi and works fine.

However, If a user go in and manual remove the Wifi from the stored network list on the mac and afterwards want to connect to the network again, the config is not there anymore - EVEN the config profile still is on the mac

If I remove the config profile and add it again, it is possible to connect again. Is this working this way as cannot understand why it will not connect after a wifi has been removed


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Network configuration profile stuff is a sort of set once. It doesn't lock it into being configured that way. So if a user mucks with it. They can royally break the configuration(specifically with 802.1x certificate based wifi).

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Yes, this is expected behavior. We've instructed our staff to refrain from removing the preferred network, even when troubleshooting

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What I do to solve those issues, is also have another copy of that config profile in Self Service but "user level". That way they can fix it themselves. They can even remove and re-install when needed. It will mean they will have a 2nd 802.1x profile and cert(s) though, which shouldn't hurt anything since the certs get removed along with the profile(s).