802.1X PEAP computer authentication

New Contributor

Hi, guys. JAMF newbie here. I'm a Network Engineer and never worked with JAMF before. MacBooks on my company are managed by JAMF through a third party company. I'm trying to understand how a MacBook is sending 802.1X credentials to the radius server (ISE in this case)

For example, my MacBook is domain joined and can connect to the Wi-Fi using PEAP-MSCHAPv2. We only do computer authentication so, the name of the computer (username) is sent out to the radius server alongside the password. Can someone please explain how this is configured through JAMF? How does Mac knows which credentials to sent? My understanding is that when we join a Mac to AD, a password is created automatically and saved in Keychain. Is this right? I have a 802.1X profile under Network > Wi-Fi > 802.1X but it only has protocol information and the certificates. I couldn't find anywhere about the credentials.

Thanks in advance.