8443 in Recon?

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So, as a total newb here I struggled my first day for hours trying to get my first Mac added with Recon locally. ALL the guidance I found including the hinting built into Recon suggested (nearly forced) me to port 8443. The default for Tomcat I read here just now. I was never able to connect to my cloud instance until I forced Recon to remove 8443. I never saw any sign anything was attempting to connect in the Jamf logs, even with debug enabled. As soon as I removed 8443 it connected. For new users this seems like a glaring and avoidable problem that wasted hours of my time.


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Just seeing this now. So, much of the communication to the JAMF Pro instance will run through port 8443 as a best practice. I'm sure you'll see that everywhere in lots of documentation. I see that you mention that you're a newb. Are you in charge of your JAMF Pro Instance? JAMF has some really great training resources and you can start online! Also, do you folks normally use Recon to onboard machines? There are much smoother ways to do that, though Recon certainly works. Also, don't waste hours of time on this kind of stuff. JAMF Support is spectacular, give them a call next time around!

As for the "Ease" of using the Recon app... It's not generally for most end-users to use. For an admin familiar with JAMF Pro, it's a pretty simple utility. You just have to know how the pieces work.