9.4 Blank Screen During Enrollment

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Wondering if anyone is seeing this issue with the 9.4 version of the JSS.
So far, we're only testing, but when I take a test machine (physical or virtual) and attempt to walk-through the user initiated enrollment page, for a Mac, after I click on "Download" for the quick add, the download doesn't begin, and Safari displays a white page. If I press the "back" button, Safari then displays the "Installing QuickAdd" message, but nothing is actually installing. I've attempted this on a Mavericks machine, Mountain Lion even the Yosemite developer preview, and have had varying results each time. I think one time, the process worked with no issues, but overall, it's hit and miss. Could be a bug, but not sure. Thanks.

Steve Summers


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You ever get this resolved? Im having the same thing on 9.81