9.9 and enrollmentcomplete trigger

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Anyone else having issues running policies with the enrollment complete trigger?

Iv'e been testing new DEP workflows with 9.9 and while the Mac pulls down the MDM Profile and installs the agent and Self Service, it never seems to fully enroll.

The Jamf.log during the enrollment process just stops at “Checking for policies triggered by "enrollmentComplete" and then never finishes.

It never submits inventory, no config files get pushed down and self service is empty.

Am I the only one?


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We had this with 9.82 when I built a Quickadd package with 9.82. The install of the Quickadd package would fail if there was an enrollment complete trigger. Sounds like it is still a bug. 9.81 would work fine.

I can't find a defect number for it in my notes, though.