Ability to automate management actions from saved searches (shameless feature request promo)


I've been using JAMF for nearly two years now, and the feature I lack the most is to make JAMF pro into a fully automated management solution with zero admin intervention on a daily basis. IMO, the number one reason this isn't currently possible is because some actions can only be done manually or through some third party workflow engine that leverages the API, which is impractical to say the least.

So, I was wondering if that's just me or if the wider admin community also lacks a few key features that would remove the need of the most recurring and brainless tasks, such as repeatedly scheduling OS updates via MDM commands or clearing failed/pending commands on devices.

For that purpose, I've submitted a feature request to create the ability to take those actions you can take from a search/list of devices, but get JAMF to take those actomatically instead of interactively. If you also feel that this would be a great feature to have, please vote for it here: https://ideas.jamf.com/ideas/JN-I-26604