Ability to do LDAP lookup on computer vs. user?

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Just curious... thought this would be simple, but I've not stumbled onto the trick just yet.

Upgraded to Jamf 10.14.1, was looking forward to using the expanded LDAP lookup to handle scoping (via smart groups) for a few specific items.

Looks like the EA I set up works perfectly... except all I've gotten it to return is my user info, not computer. Ideally I'd like to set up an AD group for something like "Acrobat Testing" and scope a policy to members of that group.

One additional wrinkle is that we're using Centrify on the majority of our systems, so some things might not work as expected, but is anyone using LDAP strictly for computer group lookups?

I also find it... "puzzling" that the data returned seems to be user-based, but smart groups based on the info are under the "Computers" category, not user smart groups.