Access privileges: add scoping more options, IT is changing

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We would like to see access privileges have a new setting for scoping. We have various levels of techs that access Jamf for deployment and tech support and we would like to be able to restrict updating of policies and profiles but still allow some techs to scope them to devices. The model in a lot of IT departments has changed and having 20 different department sites in Jamf to restrict things is no longer an optimal way to mange devices and IT departments need more flexibility with MDMs. We are still using sites for lab devices. But general factuality and staff devices all go into one site. Ideally Jamf will update access privileges with more control to reflect these changes in IT.


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Hi @BCPeteo, sounds like a great feature request if there isn't one already. Take a look at and post this there if you don't find a comparable FR that has already been submitted.

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I think you would need to make this into a Feature Request for Jamf to consider it at all.