Accidental enrolment of devices into a Smart Group - Jamf Pro

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Hi everyone,

I just enrolled devices into a Smart Group in JAMF Pro but I did not mean to. I did it via adding a new criteria and adding everything that wasn't already in the group. Does anyone now how to undo this or at least how I can go through the group and manually take out the devices I don't want in the SG? 


When I go into the History tab in the SG, I can see what I've done:

ID                      4
Name .................. EFB iPad Prestage
Type                    Smart Group
Membership Criteria ... 'Enrollment Method: PreStage enrollment' is not 'EFB iPads'

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you can edit the criteria of the smart group and exclude the machines, that you don't want to be members of the smart group. Like "and computername is not (or not like)" or like "serial number is not"... this will exclude the unwanted machines from your smart group. A lot of criteria or arguments can be found by clicking the "advanced criterias" button at the top right side at the tab "criteria"