Accidentally closing the JamfAAD login for conditional access

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If a user has enrolled their Mac in Intune and at some point they are presented with the JamfAAD login, but for some reason they close the window instead of logging into it, how do they bring that window back up again? If they don't login to the JamfAAD window they can't use their O365 apps. I've navigated to where the resides and manually double clicked on it, but it doesn't bring up the O365 login window. Rebooting the whole computer appears to be the only way to be presented with the login again. Surely there's an easier way that the user can do in case of accidental closure of the login window?


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@AVmcclint Try one of those

  • /usr/local/jamf/bin/jamfAAD gatherAADInfo -recurring
  • /usr/local/jamf/bin/jamfAAD gatherAADInfo -verbose