ACSP 10.12 testing?

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Does anyone happen to know where/how I can take the test for this? I can't seem to find too much on this. Is it available online at all?


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Through PearsonVue they are available. in the past if you've taken one and passed before, I believe you could have taken them online.

Otherwise in person, via LearnQuest.

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Ok cool. The apple website says for this specific one that it is only available at authorized test centers.

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for ACSP 10.12 exam you can only take them in person (has to be an authorized test center), even if it lets you buy the exam it will not work if you try to take the exam online at home.
I've done that in the past with ACSP 10.11, because when you read the description when buying/scheduling the exam ACSP 10.x it looks like Apple lets you take the test at home/work, but that's not the case, the only one that is available online that you could take at home/work is Mac Integration Basics 10.x

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Only MIB can be taken online but you need to put access code on pearson site "SierraMIB12" if you wont do this you will get proctored exam and wont be able to finish it online. As for ACSP it can be taken only at Authorised Training Center and something has changed from December 2016 in Poland you cant take the exam as there is no authorised training center, as for my knowledge Cortland is taking some discussion with Apple to provide it in my country again. If you have Apple store in your country go there and ask there if you dont have Apple store in your country try to call premium resellers if they can provide it.

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Thanks, that's kinda what i was afraid of..... i did contact my apple rep though so we will see what happens with that.

The ACMT 2016 looks like it is available online assuming you have the ATLAS training avaible (got it with the enterprise help desk agreement). But it looks like it is still only on El Capitan?