Activation Lock Bypass Code - get's pushed again? / Code renewal?

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Dear jamf-community,

i am fairly new to MDM and of course JAMF as well, so I am not sure if this has been asked before, but I can not find any topics regarding the same question:
I checked out the management history of a few of our manged iPads recently and discovered the command "ActivationLockBypassCode" being sent to basically every iPad that was connected to the internet in the past few days.

I just want to make sure I understand what is happening:
Is this an automatic update of the ALBC that occurs in a regular interval for security reasons?
(I did not sent any related commands or altered the configuration profiles)

Thanks for your help!


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I just got off the phone with Jamf and they said its a known Bug. They know about it. They are looking into the fix. No known ETA on the fix. They mentioned it shouldn't be affecting performance though.


Thanks for the update. I just noticed this on our fleet as well. Although it was just one command being sent but now I am seeing it being sent multiple times on some devices within minutes of one another.

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I will talk to Jamf about this because we are seeing something similar in our environment but it is affecting performance in our case.

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Noticing this also. All devices, every day.

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This has hit us as well, all devices, every day...

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Yea, I've been seeing this a lot recently. It seems to be sending it every few days.

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This is interesting - I see it start sending that command right after I upgraded from 10.13.1 to 10.16.1 (and also moved to v8.0 of MySQL)...anyone know if this is fixed in 10.18+?


It does not appear that it is fixed in the 10.18 update based on the PI. It looks like its PI-007550 and this is not listed in the fixes in the documentation.

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Mine seems to be sending it about every 5 minutes

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I have noticed this happening on all of my 265 iOS devices are they getting this command at least once daily. Does anyone know what negative effects this may cause such as performance issues or security risks?