Active Directory/Self Service question

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I'm using Self Service for software installs via AD Group policy. I have an OU called Casper Policies. I have a Security Group in this OU called Adobe Master Collection. I can add individual AD Users to the Adobe Master Collection Security Group and create a Casper Policy that installs Adobe Master Collection for those users only. All of this works flawlessly and as expected.

In Active Directory we have a Security Group called Studio Artists. I'd like to add that Security Group to the Adobe Master Collection Security Group within my Casper Policy OU. I have found that while I can do this it does not work as expected. When I set this up the AD Users in the Studio Art Security Group do not get access to the Adobe Master Collection install via Self Service. Again, I can add a single Studio Art AD member and it works fine. ADUC allows me to add a Security Group, but Self Service does not seem to recognize the members of these groups.

The reason I'd like to do this is so that I can use existing groups to manage who has access to a particular set of software via Self Service.

I admit I am not and AD expert by any means. I hope my explanation is clear. Should this work? Am I doing something wrong? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Tommy Birchett