Active Window loosing focus during inventory update

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Hi All,

We have a Mac Mini 2018 that is used for our Theatre sound playback software QLab.

Every 20 minutes the QLab window looses focus in preference of SystemUIServer, I can see that this is happening every 18-20 minutes using a Python script. and it coincides perfectly with jamf doing an inventory update.

Is there anything to look for in jamf that could be causing the window to loose focus? we havn't noticed this happening before, it has only een noticed in the past week.


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If you suspect something during the Inventory Update is causing this, you probably should look at your Computer Extension Attributes that leverage scripts to determine if one of them is causing this issue. Inventory Update by default occurs only once per week unless you also have additional policies that initiate an Inventory Update. Hopefully you don't actually have an Inventory Update occurring every 20 minutes.