AD CS Connector and WIFI payload

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After much trial and error we have the AD CS Connector working beautifully to issue computer certificates from our Active Directory Certificate Services server. These certs are being distributed from our JAMF configuration profiles. We can't seem to figure out how to push out an SSID (Wifi) that uses the certificate for authentication. I'm hoping someone else has this use case working and can suggest some pointers or help us figure out where we zigged instead of zagged.

We can log in manually into the same SSID using username and password, before profile is pushed down to our Mac computer, but that defeats the purpose of certificate based authentication we desire.

Right now the profile is configured for TLS protocol but we've tried with PEAP protocol and both the computer account plus other user accounts, which can manually log into our SSID just fine.

Here's some screenshots of our network payload if that helps someone help us.





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Im struggling with the first part of this, do you have any instructions on how to distribute the certificates? 


We have setup AD Certificate Services but cant work out how to get the certs to the clients. We are using JAMF Connect and the goal would be to auto configure users wifi to connect automaticly.



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+1, have ADCS working flawlessly but can't seem to work out how to auto-connect to WIFI