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I'm new to JAMF / Schools / Apple and have been able to work out most things but I am stuck on this one issue. I have an iPad that is in our Apple School Manager instance but I cannot see it in Jamf and on the iPad the management parts are missing.

In Apple School Manager the device is not listed as released and the mdm server is the same as where I am looking for the device but it does not appear.

How can I get the iPad into JAMF to be fully managed? I went to the enroll URL of JAMF but we are unable to change a lot of settings as it says it needs to be in supervisor mode. Do I need to use apple configurator or am I missing something?




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Have you checked your Prestage Enrollment in Jamf?

1. Click the Devices tab

2. Prestage Enrollments

3. Scope tab

4. Is this one device checked off?

5. If not, check it off and wipe the iPad

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If the iPad is in your Apple School manager, assigned to your MDM.
In the MDM assign it a PreStage enrollment.

With Automated Enrollmed (formerly known as Device Enrollment Program, or DEP), you want your school owned devices to be Supervised.

Supervision grants you more management capabilities.

Take a look at: