Adobe CC Device License fails to install on M1 Macs [fixed]

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I know that most of the people on here are smarter, more experienced Jamfnerds than I am, but I thought I'd post this nugget for the rest of us who are scrambling to figure things out.

I was attempting to install Adobe Creative Cloud Device Licenses (not Named User Licenses) on a bunch of new M1 iMacs. I built special "Apple Silicon" packages in the Adobe CC console, downloaded them, uploaded the Install pkg to Jamf, all the normal processes. But the packaged continually refused to install via Jamf, and the error messages were of no help. After several days (yes, days) of trial and error and troubleshooting, I finally manually ran the package on one of the M1 iMacs and discovered that even though Adobe has you build an M1-specific CC packaged, that package still requires the Rosetta 2 "Intel" emulator on the local M1 Mac to actually run the install (!!!?!). You read that correctly, even though this is a specific build for an M1 Mac, Rosetta 2 needs to be there upon installation, or it will not progress, and fails. I never saw that info anywhere from Adobe (and why won't they just build a universal app?).

So I used Apple Remote Desktop to push out a unix command to install Rosetta 2 on the M1 Macs. I used:

/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

(there might be other ways to do it) and that installed Rosetta 2. After that, Jamf hummed along and installed the CC packages with no issues.

That's all, just wanted to toss a mini-lifeline to anyone out there who may have struggled with this...




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Thank you - This fixed my installation issue also. 

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This is an interesting one. I’ve 17 new M1 machines and have updated them to Monterey in order to get them managed via Apple School 

To get Adobe apps installed has been a nightmare. At moment I’m getting the unidentified developer error for Adobe apps. I’ve been able to enable the ‘everyone’ in the ‘allow apps downloaded…’ in security and privacy section but still can’t get a consistent install and wondering now if the Rosetta issue is what is causing the issue at moment as it asked me to install Rosetta when trying a manual install.

interesting. Will try this in school tomorrow